Two Dental Units for the Middle East

For the Middle East we delivered 2 dental units. These mobile health units are situated in a 20ft container on a truck. This 20ft medical container is designed to perform general oral health care such as extraction of teeth, scaling and root planing, endodontic root canal treatment and preventative measures for gum diseases.The dental unit consists of a dental treatment room with a professional dentist seat and a workbench. These units are fully packed with consumables and equipment.

A dentist can perform all needed treatments and surgeries with our complete treatment unit that is furnished with high quality instruments like a multiple-function syringe, a turbine hose and handpieces with light, a ultrasonic scaler and an air compressor. This mobile dental clinic comes complete with a table top sterilizer.

Some of the advantages of our system:

  • No expensive machinery room for dental equipment, so more space in the container.
  • For left and right handed dentistry
  • Controllable water spray system
  • No legionella risks
  • Very low maintenance cost

Usage and Experience:

  • These installations are used worldwide.
  • Many projects with multiple rooms in Congo, Ghana, Tanzania and Surinam.
  • Also applied by dealers in many European countries like Germany, Switzerland and France
  • In The Netherlands, the dental system is one of the top 3 players in the field off instalments off new dental offices and hospitals.

One in seven Dutch dentists is already working with the dental equipment as described above. The equipment is also widely used in rural Africa with very good results.

The system comes completely fitted with a set of tools, drills, hand pieces, contra angles, consumables, steriliser, wrappings machine, water demineraliser and workbench with cupboards and sink.

Hospitainer Dental Units offer a combination of high quality, low maintenance containers and a top of the line robust and economical system which is used by major word wide players.