Social Enterprise

If you’ve looked around on our website, you’ve probably got a good idea of what Hospitainer is and what we do. Hospitainer is a Dutch company that sells modified shipping containers and tents which can be used to create mobile, modular hospitals all over the world. There, people can receive basic treatment, gynecological care or even surgery. This is just an example of what we do, but doesn’t paint the whole picture either.

We would like to draw attention to how Hospitainer does what it does. For instance, Hospitainer is a for profit company but we are also a member of Social Enterprise NL. While it has no legal definition in the Netherlands (yet), the European Commission’s definition of a social enterprise states things such as: 

A social Enterprise should:
Primarily conduct business based on a social mission (Impact first)

– Create an impact as an enterprise providing goods or services

– View profits as a means, rather than an end

– Conduct business in a socially conscious manner.

Making the world a better place by ensuring everyone has access to good medical care is extremely important to Hospitainer and every day we try to do more and increase our impact. The more people we can help through our hospitals and our other products, the better.

At Hospitainer, we are extremely proud that we can call ourselves a social enterprise. We plan to keep improving the way we do things and making sure that our impact is a positive one.

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