Maternitainers for rural areas

17 September 2018

For the Ministry of Health in an African country we delivered four Maternitainers. These are mobile 20ft container units on a truck. The delivery included training to local staff in use of the medical equipment and technical maintenance of the Maternitainer. These field hospitals will be used for medical services to women and as primary health clinics in rural areas.


Two Dental Units for the Middle East

19 July 2018

For the Middle East we delivered 2 dental units. These mobile health units are situated in a 20ft container on a truck. This 20ft medical container is designed to perform general oral health care such as extraction of teeth, scaling and root planing, endodontic root canal treatment and preventative measures for gum diseases.


Staff trained and Hospitrailer deployed for The Berm

29 May 2017

Last week local staff in Jordan was trained for deploying and using a Hospitrailer in the 'The Berm'. The Berm is a strip of desert at the border of Syria and Jordan where thousands of Syrian refugees are trapped between a war and a country they cannot enter. 


Medical tents for field hospital near Iraq

14 March 2017

One of the biggests international NGOs reached out to Hospitainer with a request for medical tents that could be delivered on very short notice. They needed to expand their existing clinic. This NGO has several clinics in disaster areas in the Middle East. This particular clinic needed an extra pre- and post operation unit for patient care before and after surgeries.


7 new medical containers on larger ship for refugees

10 February 2017

Hospitainer provides 7 new medical containers that will be used alongside previously delivered containers, on a larger ship. The medical facilities will be used by one of the largest NGOs worldwide, to treat hundreds of refugees who tried to make the perilous crossing to Europe, risking their lives.


Hospitainer for surgery and deliveries heading for Syrian-Jordanian border.

27 January 2017

Hospitainer provided UNFPA with a mobile hospital in a 40ft container, for treatment of refugees in ‘the Berm’. UNFPA will use the mobile hospital for surgery, deliveries, C-sections and other needed healthcare in the refugee camps.



5 mobile hospitainers on their way for war victims in Mosul, Iraq

24 November 2016

In close collaboration with one of the largest relief organizations worldwide, Hospitainer provided a five truck mobile surgical hospital. These hospitainers will accommodate lifesaving emergency surgery and other medical care for victims of the war in and around Mosul, in northern Iraq.


Maternitainer trucks deployed in Iraq for Mosul

15 November 2016

Hospitainer trained UN and NGO staff on how to use the Maternitainer trucks for the Refugees fleeing from Mosul, Iraq. Pregnant women and victims of sexual violence dearly need a safe and private place to deliver and be treated.


Maternitainer: A safe place for women and babies

28 October 2016

Vulnerable groups in a society are very often the biggest victims of a conflict. This is also the case in countries like Iraq and Syria where conflicts threaten women and children in their everyday life, at home or in refugee camps. The vulnerable situation of these women and children is the reason why Hospitainer came up with the idea of a Maternitainer.


50 bed Hospital for Mecca's Hadj

16 September 2016

With this 50 Bed Mobile Hospital pilgrims could quickly be treated on site for a variaty of medical complications: dehydration, open wounds, breathing problems, etc. The medical staff could provide treatment to patients in an airconditioned and fully functional mobile hospital.


Mobile Maternity unit for Iraq

21 June 2016

A mobile maternity unit is shipped and on its way to Iraq. The modified truck includes all the items to run a mobile clinic. Power generator, UPS, water tanks, water filtration, hot water boiler and AC are included. There is a big need for primary health care and a safe place to give birth. The unit is supplied with medicine and consumables for the first 500 deliveries. Also medicine and consumables for 10.000 people are included.


Sailing refugee treatment center de-winterized

28 April 2016

With over 10.000 people rescued in 2015 whichoff 4.424 in need of medical care, the Bourbon Argos mission was a succes. Hospitianer prepared the treatment center for the summer, the isolated roof was removed from the clinic on the Bourbon Argos. 


Sailing refugee treatment center prepared for winter

1 November 2015

The refugee treatment clinic on the Bourbon Argos has been used and rescued thouands of people. With the upcomming winter we replaced the sun shade with isolated panels and an air treatment system. Also containers as a shelter have been added.


Mobile operating theatres for Syria

3 September 2015

Two mobile operating theatres are shipped to Syria. The containers are packed with laboratorium, xray equipement and beds for a ward to setup a local hospital. Also medicine and consumables for the first 2000 surgeries are included. 


Hospitainer on ship in the Mediterranean

9 May 2015

Hospitainer installes in 3 days medical units (Hospivessel) on the Bourbon Argos. Several containers have been fixed on the deck so the boat is equipped with an emergency room, an observation and consultation room, a dressing/consultation room, sanitation, storage and morgue.



Ebola labs operational in Sierra Leone and Liberia

4 March 2015

Three Ebola laboraties are now installed and operational in Sierra Leone and Liberia


Mobile hospital for Congo

28 January 2015

This January Hospitainer helped implement the first mobile hospital project in Congo. The goal of the project is to bring free healthcare services to the people of Brazzaville. A team of Hospitainer provided technical training on location to 15 medical experts.


Hospitainer in Sierra Leone

15 January 2015

The Hospitainer Ebola Units arrived in Sierra Leone. The units are used by the Lion Heart Foundation as part of the Ebola crisis response.


Persbericht: Hospitainer levert mobiele klinieken en laboratoria voor Ebola.

3 November 2014

6 november vertrekt het marineschip de Karel Doorman geladen met medische containers naar het getroffen Ebola gebied. De medische containers zullen dienen als mobiele klinieken en test laboratoria voor besmette patiënten.


X-Ray for Syria

1 August 2014

In August Hospitainer has installed a new X-Ray unit in the Hospitrailer in Homs, Syria. By using state of the art technology, it's now possible for the hospital in Homs to create digital X-ray images of patients.


Clean Room for Corsica

1 May 2014

In May 2014, Hospitainer has installed a clean room in Corsica. In this unit the hospital can prepare and dispose dangerous medicine and other biohazardous and medical waste.


Maternitainer for Dar'a-Syria

1 April 2014

Together with Cordaid and Bijzondere Noden Hospitainers sends a Maternitainer (mobile clinic) to Dar'a – Syria to provide medical assistance to pregnant women and victims of sexual violence.


Hospitainer builds hospital in Philippines

1 December 2013

In the first week of December a mobile Hospital (build out of shipping containers) is send to the worst-hit area of the Philippines to bring medical relief to the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan. The hospital is transported by plane and boat to the disaster area.


Hospitrailer for Homs-Syria

1 September 2013

Homs is one of the epic-centres of violence and Mother Agnes together with Cordaid, the Syrian Red Cross, Dorcas and Hospitainer are commited to serve these refugees and victims of the war. 


Hospitainer for Darfur

1 August 2010

For breast cancer research in the war ridden country of Sudan, we supplied a 20ft container with a mammography unit for specialised x-ray research for women in the Darfur region.


Hospitainer brings relief for earthquake victims in Haïti

17 February 2010

Almost one month after the earthquake, a Hospitainer was installed . It functions as an orthopedic hospital and is equipped with a C-bow X-ray. 
Packing the Hospitainer took 2 days. Shipping over sea took 2 weeks, building up in Haïti took 2,5 days including installation of the water tower.