X-RAY Hospital extension for Timor

A clinic in Timor-leste contacted us to see if we could offer a solution for the growing number of patients for x-ray services. Together we looked at the existing clinic and the best possible way to realize the extension.

The X-ray container is a medical finished 20ft container. All needed equipment related to the X-ray machine is included in this container. This container is a customization of our standard container. With this customization, it is suitable to be deployed next to the existing clinic. The foreseen use for the X-ray department is to receive 20-30 patients per day for X-ray diagnostics. The main focus will be on chest pictures. The delivered equipment is capable of delivering this service.

According to the wishes, the medical container can be located as flush as possible to the existing clinic. Hospitainer will be present at site to support the connection itself. 

Normally, Hospitainer is delivering a turn-key product. Since the installations in the existing facility are already in place, no generator or solar power is added.