Hospitainer and consortium supplied multiple medical solutions and care in Ukraine

Since the start of the war, the Dutch Government has donated six mobile hospitals for Ukraine. These hospitals were delivered in a couple of weeks by Hospitainer and 20 partner companies. 

Next to this donation, Hospitainer was able to deliver even more medical solutions. For the UN and NGO’s we delivered 4 Primary Health Care trucks. These units are currently driving around the borderlines and are able to reach the people wherever they need care. In an undisclosed remote location, a semi mobile Hospital was built to take over the services of a war damaged hospital. A team from Hospitainer worked 16 hour days to have the unit ready as fast as possible, and was able to finish its onsite set up in three days. During placement, antiballistic vests and helmets were required to be worn because of the risk of shelling. Yet another project is to replace a CT-scanner and X-ray in another damaged Hospital.

For another NGO, 3 vans were converted into medical transport units with a total capacity for 21 wounded persons to be taken away from the frontline. Since the demand for patient transport is very high, the Hospitainer Foundation donated an ambulance truck together with a Primary Health Care trailer. This unique combination is used at the frontline, to treat people quickly and stabilise them and eventually to transport them to safer places.   

Hospitainer was asked during a meeting in Kyiv by Minister of Health Victor Liasko to assist in the setting up and delivery of infrastructure for a World Health Organization (WHO) accredited Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department of the MOH. The plan has been finalised and is ready to implement, most needed assets are already in stock. WHO Ukraine, the MOH and Hospitainer are ready to implement this plan. The capacity of this EMS is for the emergency phase plus for the coming years as a permanent service that can be deployed any time. 

Next to this EMS plan, Hospitainer and a group of partner companies offered support to rehabilitation and construction of clinics and hospitals according to the assessment of the MOH and Worldbank. These companies have submitted a proposal with the assistance of Invest International.

Extra Dutch support for Ukrainian war effort and reconstruction

The Netherlands will provide additional support to Ukraine for the country’s war effort and reconstruction. Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher and Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren made that pledge on Monday during their joint visit to Kyiv.

See news item | 22-08-2022 | 19:30 

UN Flash Appeal for EMS services

The United Nations has prioritized the set-up of the EMS department in the recent Ukraine Flash Appeal

Strategic Objective S01: Ensure improved access to quality trauma and rehabilitation care, including emergency preparednesscapacity building, donation of medicines and supplies, support via EMS services, including Emergency Medical Teams.

Call to action

The consortium partners have already arranged a third of the budget for the 15 projects previously delivered. We call upon our Ministers Schreinemacher and Ollongren to urgently provide the funds for the emergency (EMS) part of the request of Minister Victor Liashko and the UN Flash Appeal: Once these (blended) funds become available the Emergency Medical Services implementation can quickly start.  This EMS plan will show direct result for the wounded people in Ukraine.

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