Training for maternity units

The Middle East is a region that continues to present a unique set of challenges that require unique solutions. Hospitainer continues to provide practical medical solutions based on relevant experiences and technologies.

Hospitainer has partnered with the UNFPA in an effort to provide care to the women and children of war-torn countries by providing a safe environment where women can give birth. Together with our partners in the region we are currently conducting user training of both our Maternitainer as well as a fully capable CEmOC (Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care) unit.

The Maternitainer is designed to provide a safe and clean environment where women can give birth in a private sphere. Basic requirements of such a facility are hygiene, auditory and visual privacy and the availability of basic instruments and medicines for the treatment of obstetric emergencies.

The Maternitainer is not only suitable as a delivery unit, but also for (gyneacological) examinations and as a treatment place for victims of gender-based violence. Equipment and consumables for assistance for 300 deliveries and treatment of 200 victims of GBV are included as standard.

The Maternitainer is constructed in a 20ft shipping container. The unit has a medical grade finishing, easy to clean surfaces and a coved floor.

Assets of the Hospitainer are:

• Solution to obstructed access: The container unit is flexible, easy to deploy and self-sufficient.

• Solution to poor quality care: All essential equipment is provided.

• Additional value: useful for multiple purposes, including treatment of victims of GBV.