The Dental Unit for Global Mercy

Our partnership with Mercy Ships is continually strengthening. We align not only in terms of mission and vision but also in responsiveness and corporate culture. Recently, there was a request to explore our involvement in the dental field. Given our ability to build from stock, a solution was quickly devised. Collaborating with our dental equipment suppliers, we were able to be ready for transport within 8 weeks. The delivered unit features a fully equipped dental room. A comfortable chair, with ample space around it for the dentist and assistant to work, is included. Additionally, a desk for managing patient records is provided. A beautiful blue curtain ensures necessary protection during the use of the X-ray. That’s not the only blue detail; due to Mercy Ships’ corporate color being blue, all their medical floors are also in this color.

The dental unit is plug-and-play, with water and power easily connectable, and the unit can be put into operation within a very short time after unpacking. Mercy Ships noticed this too; after setting it up, they held a celebratory opening and received enthusiastic feedback from the staff.

Expanding upon this, the dental unit’s adaptability and ease of installation were particularly appreciated by the medical personnel onboard the Global Mercy. Its seamless integration into their workflow not only reflects our commitment to supporting Mercy Ships’ mission but also ensures that crucial dental care can be readily available for those in need.

Our joint efforts with Mercy Ships underscore our shared dedication to providing high-quality medical facilities and services in underserved communities, ensuring that even the most fundamental aspects of healthcare, such as dental care, are readily accessible. This partnership symbolizes our commitment to making a tangible and sustainable impact on global healthcare accessibility.

Quote MS Crew member:

Since last week, I, Marianne, have started working three mornings a week in the dental team. It’s super fun because this is what I did 13 years ago, but then in a building that we transformed into a clinic.

On deck 3 of the GLM, there is a dental clinic with a sterilization room. But last Monday, the hospitainer was officially opened too! (With cake, music, and free chair rides 🤗) This container, fully furnished as a treatment room, is located downstairs on the dock and is now in use. It’s nice to work with Marijke again, the dentist with whom I worked in the dental team back then, along with Salematou, a dentist recently trained in Guinea, Debra-Mae, a dental hygienist from the States, and two day crew members from Freetown who help us with translation while learning to assist at the chair and understand everything about the sterilization process.

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