Supporting the presence of care in surgical desserts through SOTA Convoys

SOTA Convoys works to provide Surgery, Obstetrics, Trauma and Anesthesia (SOTA) Care to regions where this is least accessible. The team of SOTA Convoys eaches and provides basic life-saving and life-changing procedures. Next to providing the infrastructure and logistics, SOTAC increases the presence and professionalism of these types of care in its target locations.

Hospitainer was able to partner with SOTAC and provide the medical box for its surgical convoy. In the medical box, a fully-equipped Operation Theatre is located. This OT in a 16ft box holds all necessary installations (air and water filtration, electricity) to do medical interventions in an optimal, safe, and clean environment. Next to all necessary installations, the OT is fully equipped with a medical inventory. Hospitainer’s specialists have selected the medical inventory to operate specifically in low-resource environments and hard-to-reach areas. Among the medical inventory of this OT is an anesthesia system, producing its own oxygen and medical air and equipped with a backup power supply. This is an example of how a medical device is perfect for low-resource environments. The OT is fully self-sufficient, making sure that high-level care is available in the most remote settings.

The vehicles used by SOTAC are specially equipped for rough terrain and remote locations. Next to a medical truck with OT, the convoy consists of two trucks for the medical personnel and utilities needed to operate in a remote area. The trucks have made their way over the African continent, driving from Namibia all the way to Kenya.