Staff trained and Hospitrailer deployed for The Berm

Last week local staff in Jordan was trained to deploy and use a Hospitrailer in the ‘The Berm’. The Berm is a remote area at the north-eastern Jordanian border where more than 70,000 refugees trying to flee Syria are stranded and are currently facing deteriorating humanitarian conditions. 

The Hospitainer trainer traveled to the area to train medical and technical staff in using the mobile hospital and its equipment. The local staff was especially delighted to be able to perform surgery in a challenging environment. Patients from the refugee camps had to travel 3 to 6 hours to receive surgical care, previously.

With the support of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund which is working to make pregnancy safe, a new maternal mobile clinic was installed. The mobile hospital contains a delivery room, recovery area, scrubbing area and an operation theatre. Technical installations are all integrated in the unit. For the waiting area, foldable covers with benches are included.

Hospitainer also provided medicines and all essential equipment like an ultrasound machine, sterilizer, incubator and vacuum aspiration. The unit is self-sufficient; a generator, electrical system, water tank and filtration are also included. Lab equipment, like a blood analyzer and urine analyzer, were also included in the unit.

Robust characteristics
The mobile hospital will be used for surgery, deliveries, C-sections and other needed healthcare in the refugee camps in the Berm. The robust characteristics of the container do not only provide a very sustainable solution, in crowded areas like a refugee camp, it also provides the much needed safe haven and privacy for women who are treated, give birth or have experienced gender-based violence.

High mobility
An asset of this Hospitainer compared to other healthcare solutions is the ability to quickly deploy and retract the facility, making it suitable for the humanitarian emergency in Syria. The mobile hospital can quickly move geographically when the situation requires it to.