Refit Maternitainer for Deployment in Gaza

Back in 2017, we delivered a 40ft Maternitainer to Jordan for the UNFPA. After 7 years of service, this Maternitainer was recently refitted and the maternity container is now transported to be operational in Gaza. This 40ft Maternitainer provides comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal care (CEmONC).

The CEmONC is designed to provide a safe and clean environment where women can give birth in a private sphere. This unit includes an operation room for C-sections. The basic requirements of this facility are hygiene, auditory and visual privacy, and the availability of surgical instruments and medicines for the treatment of obstetric emergencies. The CEmOC is not only suitable as a delivery unit but also for (gynecological) examinations and as a treatment place for victims of sexual violence.
The medical unit includes material to provide safe blood transfusion, to provide oxytocin and antibiotics, to perform cesarean sections and manual removal of the placenta, as well as, assisted vaginal delivery, abortion, and resuscitation of the newborn. The has the following areas:
– Operation Theatre
– Sterilisation/storage room
– Recovery room
– Delivery room

It was great to see that after these years, the unit was in good condition. We hope the Maternitainer will bring much-needed medical care to the people in Gaza and wish all staff operating the unit a successful work period during these challenging circumstances.