Project by the Hospitainer Foundation

Since the start of Hospitainer, “Doing Good” has been woven into the mission and vision. To further shape this, the Hospitainer Foundation has been founded for some time now. Their goals are based on the principle of “sharing” “IN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES WE HAVE ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE. BUT IN MANY CONFLICT AREAS AND LESS DEVELOPED COUNTRIES PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF ABSENCE TO HEALTHCARE”

From this side came the desire to do something special for Ukraine and then of course specifically on health care. They started looking at the wishes of the organizations working in the country. What emerges a lot is that people who have good to moderate mobility do know how to find their way to hospitals and clinics. Unfortunately, older people and people who are less mobile for whatever reason do not easily get the care they need. It is also difficult for them to leave the front line in search of safer places. Here the HF found that help is needed! With that in mind, they went to the drawing board. A combination of patient transport but also basic help to get to people’s homes. Stabilizing patients before they can be transported to a safer place.

A beautiful solution was born; This medical solution was built on an old Dakar rally truck. The rally truck was specifically chosen because of the surface on which it is driven. Due to the weather conditions along with the bombed roads, the infrastructure is anything but optimal. Especially if you go to the smaller villages where often older people have lived all their lives. You can imagine that these people also prefer not to leave their familiar place and that it is best to have some foot on the ground.

After the first loan period to a local NGO, the truck has been on loan by MSF for a few weeks. Médecins Sans Frontières now has a wide range of medical solutions and knows exactly how to reach the people who need it. Read more about their mission :