Patient transport – MSF Ambulances

War situations sometimes require a different approach from companies and organisations. Do you still have to follow all your steps as your internal process asks, or can you skip some steps in times of emergency to be able to deliver the products or tableware faster. This is easier for some organizations than for others. At Hospitainer we often received requests that were outside our product range. The consideration is then to see where there is room in production and R&D. We also look closely at who the applicant is; do we know the organization; have we worked with them more often; how they use it in the field.

When MSF approached us to arrange patient transport, we knew right away that we had to put our time into this. It is important to be able to move victims quickly and safely to safer places. This time no container, but converted vans. A project where we learned a lot, not only about new techniques, new vehicles; but also about our own abilities. With 2 weeks these 3 were ready to get started in Ukraine.

MSF Ukraine:

We are providing medical care to people who have been caught up in, or have been forced to flee, the fighting. Our teams are donating emergency supplies to hospitals and providing vital training to their staff. 

There is full-scale warfare in many areas, making movements difficult, dangerous or simply impossible.

We are responding in various parts of the country, based on where our assistance is needed and will have a significant impact.