OT complex for UNFPA

No two orders are ever exactly the same. Because of the modular nature of our turn-key medical solutions, Hospitainer can adjust and adapt to meet these demands and provide a good solution. 

in the first quarter of 2021, Hospitainer was approached by the UNFPA with an urgent request for a modular medical solution to be shipped to a refugee camp. After talking with the client about whether a tent-based solution or a container-based solution would be best, it was eventually decided that a bit of both might be just what the doctor ordered. 

The final order included an operating theatre in a 20ft container and a PVC-coated tent that can be connected to the container by a specially designed sluice. This turn-key solution can easily integrate itself in the camp, without taking up too much space, and that is vital as the government has decided to limit the camp’s growth.

The OT of course has the same medical-grade finishing as our other container-based products and comes with the necessary equipment, such as a fixed bed and light. It also comes with a 3-step air filtration system and air conditioning. Having AC is vital, as temperatures can easily reach 45°C and the camp is so lacking in shade that refugees have resorted to building their own makeshift awnings.

While the tent can be used as a clean entryway, it can also house beds for recovering patients. Thanks to the included dividing sheets, these patients can have a degree of privacy as well. The tent also comes with a Hospitoilet and sink.

While efforts are being made to make the refugees comfortable, there are still a lot of problems such as the lack of shade, unsanitary conditions, and health concerns. We hope that our OT unit can play a part in relieving some of these issues.