OT clinic for UNFPA Mozambique

As often happens with requests for our mobile, modular hospitals, this one needed to be delivered in a hurry. Hospitainer was approached by the United Population Fund (UNFPA) in Mozambique and asked to provide a medical solution as soon as possible. Thankfully, as Hospitainer strives to keep products in stock, we could react quickly and provide them with a fitting field hospital.

However, this project was not without hiccups. The UNFPA requested a medical solution that could be used to care for pregnant women and perform C-sections, and also handle more general surgeries. This was because Ibo Island, where the hospital was to be stationed, was lacking in accessible medical facilities at the time the order was placed. While this was certainly possible, it was made slightly more difficult by the fact that the island’s weather conditions made it unsafe to deploy tents. Instead, we decided to place two 40ft containers with medical grade finishing, with their sides against each other to create an operating theatre complex that could meet the UNFPA’s needs. 

While building the clinic in our warehouse, it became clear that the conditions on Ibo island made it unsuitable for this project. Amongst the reason was the security. In November, conflict increased in northern Mozambique—with the highest number of attacks recorded since July 2021—and displaced more than 20,500 people, of whom 51 per cent were children, 28 per cent women, and 4 per cent people with vulnerabilities, according to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) (Read more)

As such, the hospital was moved to the Metuge district instead. By stationing it near an existing clinic, we managed to increase the capacity of that clinic while retaining the level of service that the hospital was meant for. 

This was definitely a challenging project, but we’re glad to say we managed it and our Hospitainers are being put to good use.