OT clinic for deliveries and C-section UNFPA Haiti

At Hospitainer we pride ourselves in being able to respond quickly and provide turn-key, mobile, modular hospitals on short notice without compromising the level of quality. The sooner we can get our Hospitainers shipped out, the sooner they can start helping people after all. 

The order that came in from the UNFPA once again required us to move quickly. In September, the UNFPA requested a field hospital to be shipped to Haiti with an operating theatre composed of two 20ft containers and a number of our inflatable tents to use as a recovery ward. By October, the field Hospital was ready to be shipped to Luxembourg to be flown to Haiti.

Last week I spoke with Emmanuel, the project leader for the OR units in Haiti. Despite the fact that you don’t hear much about it in the news, there is still daily fear and unrest due to the consequences of the earthquake.

Two units will be delivered, 20 ft OR containers with a sluice and tent where pregnant ladies can receive examinations, a safe place for childbirth and also the way out to the OR for a caesarean section. Two locations have been chosen, in the tail of Haiti. The first place is at Le Sud, close to the large town of Le Nippes and the second place is at Les Anglais. In the first place, where the Centre of the earthquake was, is a clinic, in size between clinic and small hospital, badly damaged by the earthquake. The maternity area has completely collapsed and the emergency area is badly damaged. They have temporarily started with some emergency tents for emergency and lab. In les Anglais there is a health centre which has not yet been damaged by the earthquake, but which needed expansion. This is because the roads to the other hospitals are no longer accessible due to landslides, among other things, people have to go to this clinic. Hence the expansion with OK and Maternity.

We have been working on this project with a mixed feeling. It’s always devastating to hear another hurricane has destroyed so much for the locals who again need to change their ways of life and figure out how to get around. On the other hand, we are motivated and happy to help these people, especially because Haiti was Hospitainers first project just over 11 years ago, and it always has a special place in our hearts.