Mozambique – Medical field Hospital

In September, Hospitainer received an order from the Brazilian mining company Vale. Due to COVID-19, they had to cease their mining operations in Mozambique until proper precautions were taken and care could be provided. As such, the company wanted to order a turn-key field hospital were any infected personnel could be treated.

It was decided that the Hospitainer Mobile Treatment Facility (MTF) would be best in this situation. This modular facility is comprised of 5 inflatable tents with corridors that can act as airlocks to keep risk of the infection spreading as low as possible. The modular MTF has a nurse station, storage spaces, a treatment ward with 10 beds and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with 6 beds. Like our Hospitainers, the MTF comes with medical equipment, a generator, a water pump and water filtration systems, mobile washbasins, mobile macerating toilets and other essentials. 

The tents and equipment were soon shipped to Mozambique, where Vale accepted them. Though the tents are airconditioned, the MTF was built in a large warehouse and this has also been helpful in keeping the temperature down. 

At time of writing the MTF is still in use and Hospitainer hopes it can continue to provide aid to those who need it for as long as the MTF is necessary.