Mobile Primary Care unit for refugees in Colombia

From our client PreemptiveLove Coalition:

“Power cuts, supply crises, sanctions, political turmoil, and the rapid devaluing of the Venezuelan currency has left an entire country on the brink of collapse. Venezuela’s economy is the worst it’s ever been. What was left of its fragile healthcare system collapsed when COVID-19 hit in 2020.

Life’s bare essentials like food, fuel, medicine, and water are impossible to come by for millions of Venezuelans, many of whom make a monthly wage that barely buys a dozen eggs, due to massive inflation. By 2015, one in six Venezuelans had to leave the country to find work—and they’re the ones lucky enough to be able to move. Venezuela is now the poorest nation in Latin America. In some of the places we work, 75% of families go hungry. 

All of this in a country that sits on the largest known oil reserves in the world.

In 2020, we began serving on the border of Colombia and Venezuela, providing medical and mental health care, legal assistance, and food to thousands of Venezuelans who made the dangerous crossing for medicine and nourishment.”

At time of writing, there are around 1.8 million refugees leaving in Colombia. Much like anyone else, these people require proper healthcare but often struggle to get even the most basic treatments and check-ups. Thankfully, organisations like the Pre-emptive Love Coalition (PLC) strive to care for these people. Of course, they need the right tools to do so and that’s why they approached Hospitainer. 

The PLC requested a Mobile Primary Healthcare Clinic (PHC) to provide treatment for these refugees. The PHC can be used to treat minor issues that, when left untreated, can still have a significant negative impact on a community when left untreated. Things like regular check-ups, treatment for minor ailments, immunisations, prescription renewal and even limited lab services can all be handled in this mobile, modular hospital. With a generator, clean and waste water tanks, sink and air conditioning, the PHC is prepared for independent use. It even has a sun shade cover to create a comfortable waiting area for those awaiting their treatment. 

Our Hospitainers already come equipped with enough medicine and equipment for about a year’s worth of activity, but this one certainly won’t run out any time soon. Included in the shipment was an IEHK kit full of medicine required to keep the Hospitainer stocked and capable of providing medical aid for a long time.