Mobile Maternity unit for DRC

In November, Hospitainer received an order for a Maternitainer, which was to be deployed in the DRC. Hospitainer had sent turn-key containers to the DRC previously, with the most notable example being an entire mobile hospital comprised of 4 medical trailers and inflatable medical tents. Read more

A Maternitainer, however, focuses on gynaecological care and the treatment of victims of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Based on the criteria of UN organizations, the container has medical grade finishing and is equipped to provide various forms of gynaecological care. A gynaecological examination bed, ultrasound machine and more essential equipment are included.

This mobile unit also has the necessary equipment to function autonomously, such as air- and water filtration, AC and a generator. Due to its modular nature, it can be integrated with existing Hospitainer hospitals quite easily. 

The Maternitainer also provides a degree of privacy, which is important not only for women who are giving birth or receiving treatment, but also to victims of GBV. In some cultures, it is sadly still not acceptable for these victims to seek treatment, after all.

At time of writing, Hospitainer is still hard at work getting this Maternitainer mission-ready. It won’t be long, though, before it can be shipped to Congo, put on a trailer and begin operating as a mobile gynaecological care centre.