Mobile hospital for Congo

This January Hospitainer helped implement the first mobile hospital project in Congo. The goal of the project was to bring free healthcare services to the people of Brazzaville. A  Hospitainer team provided technical training to 15 medical experts on location.

The mobile hospital consists of four medical trailers, including trucks and inflatable tents. The hospital facilitates medical services like surgery, sterilization, X-ray diagnostics, laboratory, dental and ophthalmology. Medicine and consumables are supplied for the first 2000 surgeries to help the medical team quickly start providing care.

Hospitainer designed the trailers around the mentioned functions and supplied and installed the equipment. The trailers were built by our partner Lamboo.

The mobile hospital was installed next to a local hospital in Pointe Noire. It will stay on this location for one month. After this startup month the mobile hospital will be driven to the next location.