Medical Treatment Facility – IMC

IMC came to us with the question; what do you have in stock and what can you quickly build up to support healthcare in Ukraine. It must be robust, provide space for many patients and still give the feeling of a dignified hospital. The same day we were able to provide a floor plan for approval. Within no time the order was placed and we could start building and collecting. The Medical Treatment Facility consists of the following departments:

  • Operating theatre
  • 8 consultation areas
  • Registration room
  • Procedure room
  • Staff area
  • Sanitary units
  • General storage
  • Central Lobby
  • Reception
  • Entrance
    • This complete plug and play modular unit comes with all necessary technical aspects like water treatment system and supply, electrical system and supply, ac for heating and cooling etc. Of course it comes with the medical inventory as well.

The most impressive thing about this operation is that a team of 8 men was able to build this entire construction in two (long) days.
Our employees and team members take high risks by entering Ukraine, traveling here and staying in places where there is often a high threat and are already bombed more often. Nevertheless, we remain motivated to offer help here. That sometimes means a different outfit that makes working even harder (read bulletproof vest and helmet) and no 9-5 hours on a working day. This is what makes Hospitainer’s work so special!