Maternitainers for rural areas

We delivered four Maternitainers to an African country, as requested by the Ministry of Health. These are mobile 20ft container units on a truck. The delivery included training to local staff in use of the medical equipment and technical maintenance of the Maternitainer. These field hospitals will be used for medical services to women and as primary health clinics in rural areas.

A Maternitainer is a special medical unit for gynealogical care like assisted deliveries and treatment of vulnerable women. The container unit holds a treatment/delivery room and a recovery area. It has a toilet and shower, storage space and comes with consumables.

The trucks come with a six-wheel drive configuration which makes it possible to access remote areas in very hard-going terrain. It’s even possible to cross (small) rivers.

These medical container units are self sufficient for energy and water.

Our training included alle technical parts of the Maternitainer for energy, water and air filtration. For the medical staff we explained the use of the medical equipment like ultrasound and sterilizer. At the end of the training each participant received a certificate and a manual.