Strengthening Maternal Care in Ukraine: A Maternitainer for Heart to Heart International

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian mothers are forced to give birth in dreadful circumstances, endangering their own lives and those of their infants as they flee from the violence of war. Basic healthcare infrastructure has been largely destroyed in the Eastern and Southern parts of the country.

Heart to Heart International works to provide a safe environment in which Ukrainian women can give birth in safety and privacy. We were delighted that we could deliver a Maternitainer to Heart to Heart supporting their mission. This 20ft Maternitainer is deployed in Odessa and provides basic emergency and obstetric care. The mobile maternity unit consists of a waiting area, a treatment/delivery room, and a recovery area. It has a toilet, shower, and storage room and it is designed to facilitate medical procedures.

Over 3 weeks, the personnel in the maternity unit could see 62 patients. Moreover, ultrasound capacities improved in quality due to the extension of probes. Treatments are offered to the patients for free. We hope women will find the Maternitainer and the warm-hearted personnel of Heart to Heart International to receive the care they need.