Maternitainer trucks deployed in Iraq for Mosul

Hospitainer trained UN and NGO staff on how to use the Maternitainer trucks for the refugees fleeing from Mosul. Pregnant women and victims of gender-based violence dearly need a safe and private place to deliver and be treated.

One doctor explained: “I saw a woman who delivered in a tent. She could not stop bleeding and when I found her she had almost died. We need to bring these units immediately to the IDP camps for displaced people.”In total 13 Hospitainer trucks were ordered of which 9 are Maternitainers and 4 are Genealogical trucks that also serve as an ambulance.

The trucks were financed by:
UNOCHA (Iraq Humanitarian Pooled Fund)
European Commission (Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection)Copyright of all published photos by Hospitainer, UNFPA, UNOCHA and EC. All rights reserved.