Large Mobile Primary Care Unit for Lesbos

As you might know, camp Moria is a Greek camp for migrants and refugees which was built in the idyllic island of Lesbos. The aim of the camp is to house the staggering number of people who crossed the Mediterranean in search of a better life. In April, Hospitainer was approached by the Dutch Government and asked to provide a modular field hospital to provide medical treatment to both the Greek locals and residents of the camp. 

Unfortunately, camp Moria was burnt to the ground on September 9th and the hospital was destroyed. When the camp was rebuilt, Hospitainer was again asked to provide a field hospital, in addition, Hospitainer received an additional order. 

The NGO Stichting Bootvluchteling, which specializes in medical and psychosocial treatment for migrants and refugees, ordered a Primary Health Care (PHC) Unit for camp Moria as well. 

A Hospitainer turn-key PHC unit is designed to provide more general healthcare, comparable to a visit to a general practitioner. They are normally placed in 20ft containers with medical finishing. However, in this instance, a 40ft container was converted into a fully equipped PHC unit.

Naturally, this larger unit was still very similar to the 20ft model. It came with AC, air- and water filtration, tanks for drinking and wastewater and essential equipment like examination tables and lamps. However, the larger size of the container means there is room for an additional examination room so more people can receive treatment at once.

The mission-ready container was shipped to Lesbos in October so it could be put to good use as soon as possible.

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