Hospitainer’s Innovative Surgical Solution for UNFPA

Mozambique’s healthcare landscape grapples with infrastructural limitations and resource shortages, especially in rural areas. Pregnant women endure immense challenges during childbirth in underdeveloped regions due to limited access to quality healthcare facilities. The lack of sterile environments for cesarean sections poses significant risks to both mothers and their babies.

In partnership with UNFPA Mozambique, Hospitainer deployed an innovative Operating Theatre (OT) complex adjacent to an existing clinic. This strategic placement aimed to complement the existing healthcare infrastructure while providing a specialized facility solely dedicated to performing cesarean sections safely and hygienically. The OT complex consists of a series of interconnected 20-foot units. This modular setup includes a Pre/post department upon entry, followed by a staff area equipped with nurse stations and dressing rooms. Adjacent is a spacious Operating Room (OR), allowing ample space for the surgical team. Additionally, there are pass-through hatches leading to the sterilization department situated behind the OR. This area is designed with dedicated spaces for dirty and clean materials coming from the OR.

The OT complex delivered by Hospitainer serves as a beacon of hope, offering a controlled environment equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. This facility ensures skilled medical professionals can efficiently conduct cesarean sections, significantly reducing maternal and neonatal mortality rates associated with complicated deliveries.

By establishing a safe haven for cesarean sections, we aim to alleviate the distress pregnant women face in underprivileged circumstances. The OT complex not only contributes to enhancing maternal healthcare but also empowers local healthcare providers with the tools and space necessary to save lives.

Hospitainer remains dedicated to collaborating with organizations like UNFPA to bridge healthcare gaps worldwide. Together, we strive to make childbirth safer and more secure for women in regions where access to quality medical care is limited.