Hospitainer OT complex arrived in Africa

A few weeks ago we received a new order. We were asked to supply an OT complex for Africa as soon as possible. The client added that they were hoping to have their order on-site within 2 weeks.

One of our advantages is that we always have stock, so after checking whether we could get all the equipment here as soon as possible, we gave the green light.

This meant that our team had to go the extra mile and work overtime. Fortunately, we are blessed with a motivated team and we all wanted to participate in this process. Partly because of this, it was possible to have the OT unit ready for transport after just over a week.

The Surgical Unit is comprised of 20ft containers. These containers are insulated and finished with high grade materials which are easy to clean. The containers are connected through a central lobby.

Included rooms are: Minor OT, Main OT, Pre/Post OP/ICU, Sterilization room with sinks and counter top, General store, Lobby.