Hospitainer on ship in the Mediterranean

Augusta, Sicily – The Bourbon Argos is a new ship which will carry out search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea to assist people who are risking their lives trying to reach Europe by boat. The ship is carrying a crew of 26 people, including an experienced search- and rescue crew as well as medical staff to provide emergency medical care.

The Bourbon Argos, leaving the port of Augusta, Sicily, on 9 May, will provide additional search and rescue support in the Mediterranean. The ship will work in parallel with the MY Phoenix, which launched on May 2nd. The MY Phoenix has so far rescued 591 people and assisted in the rescue of 101 more in operations over the past 6 days. All 692 have received medical screening and assistance on board.

Onboard medical staff (doctors and nurses) and non-medical staff (logisticians, water and sanitation experts, cultural mediators) will provide medical care and distribute emergency relief items to the rescued people. The medical care includes medical screening and stabilisation of vulnerable patients, as well as referral of emergency cases.

The Bourbon Argos will have the capacity to carry 300 to 350 rescued people, and will be able to maneuver quickly to follow up on a distress call. The 68 metre-long vessel has been specifically adapted to perform search-and-rescue activities. Several containers have been fixed on the deck so the boat is equipped with an emergency room, an observation and consultation room, a dressing/consultation room, sanitation, storage and morgue.