Hospisinks – Portable sinks for Dutch Military

In the winter of 2019, Hospitainer was approached by M&T Project Management to provide 24 customized versions of our Hospisinks which were to be used by the Dutch Military Health Battalion.

We immediately went to work and created a prototype which, after some testing and additional modifications, was approved and put into production. We called these the Hospisinks 2.0 and they have a boiler and filter to provide clean and warm water, which is a welcome addition to our regular Hospisinks. They also have some additional modifications such as the black colour (Our standard red colour was not considered military grade) and a different tap to ensure they met the stringent requirements of the Dutch military.

From the moment the prototype was approved it took us 6 weeks to build and ship the 24 black Hospisinks. They were delivered in September 2020 and are currently being used in the field by the Dutch military, both domestically and abroad, to ensure there is never a sshortage of clean drinking water.

The black Hospisinks are not solely being used by military personnel however, the Dutch military also uses these to provide clean water to communities abroad who do not have easy access to it. Everyone has a right to clean water, after all.