Emergency situations require immediate action

The beginning of a new year makes you look back at what the past year has given to you. Some of you might wonder what has happened with Hospitainer in 2018.

‘’Are they still in business? Have there been any projects in 2018? Why has it been silent?’’

That’s a logical question when you look at the projects that have been published on our website. We assure you, there is nothing to worry about! We delivered multiple 50-bed hospitals, dental clinics, maternity units and mobile surgical units. So actually, we couldn’t find the time to update the website that often and we realize we fell far behind. Our sincere apologies! For now, just a quick recap of all the beautiful opportunities we have had.

While making the photo album, we realized how much has happened and how much this company has grown. We have been to so many different countries, have met so many kind people and were able to bring healthcare to the ones who need it the most.

For instance, we were able to deliver multiple Dental, surgical and Maternity units to the Middle East. Together with our team, we shared a real happy moment when we received a picture of the first baby born in one of these units. This motivates us even more to put in effort and time.

Our director Rolof Mulder went on several trips to Colombia, where he met with different parties. He got the chance to present our project to the government of Colombia, was able to do field research with the team and we are now working with the MOH on two projects in the rural area’s. Our Government is supporting us to scale up in Colombia and our Prime Minister Rutte is promoting us on a business trip.

Another part of the globe that has been traveled to quite a bit is Asia. A team met with the Navy in different countries to look at the possibilities of a hospital on their vessels. We were also invited to present hospital solutions in different countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia and we presented a medivac solution for a C-130 airplane.

At the end of the year a new project started for Indonesia together with trusted partners, supported by our Government, to provide basic healthcare to the remote villages.

Did you know there are 7.000 islands, 75.000 villages and not even 50% of those have basic healthcare facilities with dental and pre-natal care?

We were able to support Africa this year since Gabon ordered a couple of maternity units. A Hospitainer-trainer travelled to Gabon and carried out the inspection and trained the local people so they know how to maintain and use the units.

Speaking about training, this year we started a series of in-depth training in our facility in Vaassen. These training weeks were meant for biomedical and technical personal of the field hospitals we provided to the middle east. It covered a lot of aspects of the 50-bed hospital’s contents. Think of medical equipment, setting up tents, using the field kitchen and repairing the trucks.

We were lucky enough to have a couple of enthusiastic teams who were willing to learn and to make the best of their time here. They need to have enough knowledge, since they own 14 50-bed hospitals by now! During the year, we received pictures of some of the 50-bed hospitals out in the field.

We did not forget the core of this company; innovation. During the year we went to several  events to show the new innovations we bring into the field. Think of the anti-ballistic protection (Stanag 2920), our rapid mobile surgical unit in an airplane, our solutions for disaster management and we even got nominated for several awards. Since our company is growing bigger we expanded the team and moved to our new offices in the summer.

Our goal for the coming weeks is to update the website with all the projects that have been completed in 2018 and even update you on the new assignments we received over the last few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and keep on checking the website.

We are thankful to all the suppliers, customers and enthusiastic supporters who make it possible to live out the mission and vision of Hospitainer.

“Emergency situations require immediate action, especially when people’s lives are at stake. Therefore Hospitainer is committed to offering the right medical equipment at the right time and at the right place, to minimise human suffering.”