Dutch Ministry orders 3 COVID19 Solutions for Caribbean

At Hospitainer we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and act quickly when it counts the most.  When a crisis happens and people need help in a hurry, we strive to get a Hospitainer packed and ready to ship as soon as possible. Our dealings with Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten, make for a good example.

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS) had contacted Hospitainer and ordered a modular Intensive Care Unit (ICU) comprised of 6 containers and a lobby, which was to be deployed in Sint Eustatius. As we were preparing and packing the containers, the ministry approached us again with a more pressing request this time.

Hospitainer was asked to provide an ICU which would be deployed in Sint Maarten to aid in COVID-19 treatment as soon as possible. As preparing a Hospitainer container solution would take about 4 days, we decided to send over a tent-based solution.

Within 24 hours we had packed and shipped enough tents, equipment and consumables for a turn-key Intensive Care Unit. The materials were flown to Sint Maarten by a Dutch military transport and the ICU was quickly constructed. The tents meant there were six more ICU spots available for patients and more equipment and medicine to treat them as well. 

Our quick response actually earned us an official commendation from the Ministry of Defense, which we’re very proud of. 

Naturally we didn’t forget about Sint Eustatius! We continued packing and preparing and once the containers were mission-ready, they were sent out as well. 

Hospitainer stayed in contact with the Dutch Ministry VWS, and together came up with the solution to send a similar containerized ICU to Sint Maarten as well, as containers are more resistant to hurricanes than tents. This ICU unit was comprised of two 40ft containers which offered 6 ICU beds, all medical equipment needed and a special way of ensuring the negative pressure for the ICU rooms. 

We’re glad we were able to provide a quick and effective solution for Sint Maarten when it was needed. And it wasn’t the last time we used the tents either, as they are currently being used to provide medical treatment in Curacao.

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