Delivering Life: UNFPA and Hospitainer’s Surgical Clinic Solution in Mozambique

The project in Mozambique involved building and delivering an innovative Surgical Clinic designed by Hospitainer. This clinic, made up of five 20 ft containers linked together, was a much-needed addition to UNFPA‘s existing facility. The need for this expansion arose because the existing clinic provided prenatal check-ups and natural deliveries but couldn’t perform cesarean sections when necessary.


The design of the expanded unit was carefully planned and included all necessary facilities for a safe and efficient surgical procedure. Upon entry, there is a space with two pre-post beds where patients can rest before and after the procedure. Right next to it, you will find the nurse station equipped with office space for the nurses to work and monitor patients. There is also a room for doctors and nurses to change and freshen up after an operation.

The next two containers are combined to form a large operating room. The central feature of this space is the operating bed, surrounded by enough workspace for the surgeon and assistants to safely perform a cesarean section. All necessary equipment and amenities are thoughtfully placed for maximum efficiency and hygiene.

The last containers are designated for the sterilization process of used medical instruments. Strict attention was paid to separating clean and dirty materials to ensure infection control.

Deployment on site

The construction process of this project was a collaboration between Hospitainer and UNFPA, with a team of three Hospitainer employees responsible for the installation. From the moment the containers arrived until the complete delivery of the clinic, it only took three days. This demonstrates the efficiency and expertise of the team, as well as the well-thought-out modularity of the Hospitainer design.

Overall, this project was a significant milestone in improving healthcare infrastructure in Mozambique, especially for the safe delivery of babies via cesarean section when needed. The collaboration between Hospitainer and UNFPA has provided a sustainable solution that will save lives and improve access to quality care for women in the region.