COVID Vaccination response for Barbados

Barbados is known for its white beaches and colorful culture. The main source of income is tourism. When corona spread across the world in 2019, this relatively small island also turned out to be prey to this virus. After a number of lockdowns and the stop on travel, income for many residents became critical. The whole society was affected by the crisis.

One of the actions taken by the Ministry of Barbados is the purchase of a mobile medical unit that can drive around to perform basic checks, but can also be used as a vaccination site.

Hospitainer built this Primary Healthcare clinic. The PHC container has medical grade finishing and of course, comes with medical equipment and other essentials such as AC, air- and water filtration, water storage, electrical systems and more. The entire unit is mounted on a truck for mobility and the modular nature of Hospitainer’s containers means that it can also be easily integrated into an existing hospital structure.