COVID-19 Romania, Ministry of Health orders multiple field hospitals

In March, Hospitainer was approached by the Ministry of Health of Romania with a rather large order. The plan was to build multiple modular field hospitals throughout the country; one in Bacău, one in Timisoara and one in Constanza.

These field hospitals were to be used to treat and quarantine people suffering from COVID-19 and would act as an extension to the infectious disease section of the military emergency hospital.

To facilitate this, Hospitainer sent a truck convoy carrying one 10ft transport container and 4 20ft transport containers full of equipment. This convoy of turn-key clinics included 19 inflatable tents, 2 generators, 19 military-grade air conditioning units, 9 toilets (6 macerating and 3 chemical), 10 mobile ‘Hospisink’ washing basins, a mobile water pumping and filtration system, patient ventilators, 56 beds, and much more. This was just for one hospital. Many convoys followed. 

After crossing the German border, the trucks were frequently given a police escort from one border to the other to ensure they could travel quickly and cross borders as easily as possible. That just goes to show how important people felt this was and we are very grateful for the assistance!

We even sent several mobile COVID-19 testing laboratories that can be connected to the field hospital. These labs can be pressurized and have air and water treatment facilities like other Hospitainers. However, the labs are designed based on the CDC’s recommendations and have biosafety level 2. They also have more specialized equipment, such as a biosafety level 2 cabinet, a PCR Virus test machine, and an extraction machine among other things.

A team of 200 people, both military and civilian, worked together to get everything set up as soon as possible. One of Hospitainer’s truck drivers even stayed on for a while after the delivery was completed to help and offer advice on constructing and maintaining the equipment. Afterwards, military and medical personnel were posted to run the camp and field hospital and provide treatment to the patients. 

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