An enhanced dockside station for Mercy Ships in Toamasina, Madagascar

The bond between our partnership and Mercy Ships grows stronger with the establishment of a dockside station dedicated to serving the Africa Mercy. Mercy Ships is a global charity that operates hospitals in ships to provide free medical care for people in low- and middle-income countries. We previously delivered a Dental Unit and a dockside workshop for the Global Mercy. 

We are excited to share that we also had the opportunity to deploy our solutions for the ‘Africa Mercy’.

In April 2024, a Hospitainer team, together with the Mercy Ships’ staff, installed onshore medical facilities at the dockside in the harbor of Toamasina. In four Hospitainer Inflatable Buildings, the following departments were created: 
– Rehabilitation
– Eye care
– Pre/post-OT
– Outpatient department

Next to the Hospitainer Inflatable Buildings, we also have delivered two containers to serve as a workshop and maintenance unit at the dockside. In these containers, service and maintenance on the vehicles used by Mercy Ships is done. 

The four Hospitainer Inflatable Buildings, including all medical equipment and furniture, and the workshop & maintenance units, were installed during two days of hard work. The speed of deployment of the tents and containers was remarkable for this project. 

We trust these solutions will make a significant difference for many, with the hard work of Mercy Ships’ staff as they deliver much-needed care to the population of Madagascar