62 bed Covid medical field hospital – Dutch Ministry Greek Government

In April 2020, Hospitainer was contacted by the Dutch government and asked to provide a turn-key COVID-19 hospital with 62 beds and testing capabilities. This hospital was to be shipped to Greece and constructed in Lesbos, where it would be used for a combination of treatments for locals and the people of camp Moria. This was designed to help the nearby hospitals and medical posts to cope with the increase in patients caused by COVID-19.

Hospitainer had the containers packed with all the necessary equipment and consumables within that same month. However, there was some debate in Lesbos as to what would be the best location to actually place the hospital and because of this, Hospitainer only got approval to ship the containers in July.

The hospital was eventually constructed next to camp Moria so it could easily provide aid to the refugees, but unfortunately that’s not where the story ends. On the 9th of September, several fires broke out which devastated camp Moria, leaving 12.000 refugees without shelter and other necessary resources. After being operational for only 3 days, the Hospital was also reported as being destroyed. 

Hospitainer sent personnel to Lesbos to assess the situation and they found some of the equipment was still serviceable, but much of the modular hospital was burnt, melted or otherwise rendered unusable. The Greek government sent out a request for help, and a new camp was quickly built to house the refugees. And then the Dutch government jumped in again and not long after, Hospitainer was asked once again to provide a medical field hospital. 

At time of writing, the containers for this new hospital have already been shipped and construction is expected to start very soon. It won’t be long before people can receive treatment in a mission-ready Hospitainer hospital once more.