50 – bed Mobile Field Hospital for Middle East

In June, Hospitainer was requested to provide a 50-bed field hospital which would be deployed in the Middle East. All the necessary supplies and equipment were in stock and could be shipped on very short notice. The containers were sent to the harbour on June 18th, transported by ship and they arrived safely in July. Thanks to training and guidance from Hospitainer, the entire hospital was quickly deployed. 

The core of Hospitainer’s modular 50-bed hospital consists of three containers with medical grade finishing and a high level of infection protection. These are placed on custom trailers which have room for necessities such as fresh water tanks, wastewater tanks, a diesel tank, leveling legs and a platform on which to place a generator. As such, it only takes 3 trucks to transport the entire hospital.

The modular 600mhospital includes a reception, 4 wards with a total of 50 beds, basic screening and triage, an operating theatre and other facilities and equipment you may expect to find in a remote field hospital. Naturally the hospital comes with generators, air and water filtration and other necessities for proper treatment. It’s also stocked with enough consumables to facilitate 2000 surgeries and only takes around 12 hours to set up the entire hospital.

Hospitainer is glad we were able to get the 50-bed hospital packed and shipped quickly and we hope the hospital will provide many people with the medical aid they need.