3 Mobile Primary Healthcare units for Sudan

On the 14th of July, Hospitainer received an order for a Primary Health Care (PHC) unit, which was to be shipped to Sudan. 

This turn-key unit is based on the design of our Maternitainers. However, while those focus on gynaecological care, the PHC unit focuses on delivering more general healthcare such as basic check-ups and treatments. As such, there are some differences such as the type of examination table and certain essential equipment included with the container. 

The PHC container has medical grade finishing and of course, comes with medical equipment and other essentials such as AC, air- and water filtration, water storage, electrical systems and more. The entire unit can be mounted on a truck for mobility and the modular nature of Hospitainer’s containers means that it can also be easily integrated into an existing Hospitainer field hospital. 

As this was not a time-sensitive order, Hospitainer could ensure we kept vital equipment and consumables in stock and by doing so, could ensure a quick response and fast delivery of goods if a medical crisis were to occur. 

That being said, within 4 weeks the container was customized to the specifications of the client and ready to be shipped. The mission-ready container was sent out and Hospitainer has since received an order for 2 additional PHC units. We were able to ship the 2 additional units before years-end.