Hospitainer Mobile Surgical Unit

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

 General description
The surgical Hospitrailer facilitates both minor and major surgeries, for example
caesarean sections, orthopaedic procedures and many more. The surgical Hospitrailer consists of a 40ft standard shipping container on a trailer for maximum mobility. The 40ft container is transformed into a medical facility with extreme robust characteristics. The surgical unit contains an operation room, a pre- and post- operation room and a storage/ sterilization room. Medical equipment, consumables and medicines for surgical procedures are included.

A surgical Hospitrailer is a high quality medical product
that allows the medical provider to perform surgical care in disaster areas, conflict areas and hard to reach areas. Since the Hospitrailer is mobile it can be driven directly to the desired location. Surgical procedures can start within hours after arrival on site, due to its plug and play set-up. The Hospitrailer allows the medical provider to move health services, which creates maximum usability of health infrastructural investments in situations of abrupt health need or when health needs are fluctuating.  

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the Hospitrailer, like an internal water purification system, water storage and energy supply through a generator. The generator is connected and secured on the front of the trailer. The surgical Hospitrailer is fitted with medical equipment and consumables for a complete medical solution. Hospitainer developed a basic list of medicines and equipment to perform 2000 general surgeries. The configuration of the Hospitrailer can be adjusted to fit local needs.
Specific equipment or consumables can be arranged upon customers request. For more details see technical specs.

Why a Hospitainer Mobile Surgical Unit?

  • Immediate high quality health care provision 
  • Mobility of health services  

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Technical Specs

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