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Our solutions are tailored to provide inpatient and outpatient care within different medical focus areas. Our medical containers can be furnished for a wide variety of medical purposes. Our solutions are mobile or semi-permanent to fit different geographical contexts and can be expanded up to 50-bed hospitals.

Medical Geographical Products Services Add-ons


Hospitainer delivers a wide range of mobile medical units for emergency situations and areas with limited access to medical facilities. Our mobile, modular, turn-key field hospitals are rapidly deployable and can be tailor-made to fit any medical specifications. Read more


We offer mobile and semi-permanent solutions to fit different geographical situations. Hospitainer has deployed medical solutions in post-disaster areas, conflict areas, developing countries and developed countries. Over the years our medical containers have facilitated thousands of surgeries in the most hard-to-reach places on earth. Read more


Our medical solutions can be installed in a variety of circumstances. The medical units can either be mobile, placed on a truck, floating and being placed on a vessel, or positioned in the ground. Read more


Hospitainer is a full service provider and works as a one-stop-shop for turn-key mobile medical products. This proven approach saves valuable time in responding to emergency situations when human lives are at risk. The services Hospitainer provides cover the deployment of medical containers, supply chain management, maintenance and emergency stock holding. Read more


We deliver custom add-ons such as inflatable tents, solar energy and water filtering and more. Read more