Rapid Mobile Surgical Unit (RMSU)

In Stock Reusable Maximum Flexibility

General Description

The RMSU is designed for minor surgical operations, triage and stabilization of patients in emergency situations. A 20ft medical container on a truck, connected to a medical tent. One of the fastest solutions for emergency medical care. The RMSU mobile clinic is designed to deliver high-level, on-site medical treatment and surgery in a 20ft container with one or more tents.


The RMSU is well suited for hard-to-reach areas and emergency situations. This rapid response unit can be operational within a couple of hours after arriving on site. The trucks come with a six-wheel drive configuration which makes it possible to access remote areas in very hard-going terrain. It’s even possible to cross (small) rivers.


All necessary technical installations are delivered with the RMSU, like airconditioning and energy supply through a generator. The generator is connected and secured on the front of the trailer. The RMSU is fitted with medical equipment and consumables for a complete medical solution. A general list of items is available, specific equipment or consumables can be arranged upon request.

Why a Rapid Mobile Surgical Unit?

  • Immediate high quality health care provision
  • Fastest mobile solution for surgical care

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Technical Specs