Laboratory for Infectious Diseases

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Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in 2013, there is a need for products to fight this health threat. The Ebola crisis asks for medical solutions that can be rapidly deployed and that are of high quality to control the virus and prevent cross-infection. Hospitainer has designed a mobile laboratory in a container to perform viral disease tests in Ebola-affected areas. Hospitainer believes it can contribute with its medical solutions to combat the Ebola crisis.

Hospitainer proposes container solutions over tented solutions to control the Ebola virus since containers provide better climate control with AC/heating and insulation, better protection of the staff because of pressurization systems, HEPA filtering and (eye) shower, better and safer work environment for staff and usable under all climatological circumstances. The units have medical floors and walls for easy cleaning with chlorine and all air input and output is filtered.

The Ebola clinical laboratory contains an isolator/ Biosafety level 3 cabinet, emergency shower, eye shower, sink, samples refrigerator, sterilizer, PCR Analyzer, laptop, centrifuge and all necessary consumables. The Ebola clinical laboratory consists of one 20ft medical container.