Hospitainer X-ray Unit

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

General description
The X-ray unit consists of a 20ft shipping container. The shipping container is transformed into a medical facility with extreme robust characteristics. The unit supports general diagnostic services such as orthopedic diagnostics, TB screening and mammography. The X-ray unit has integrated lead shielding in the walls and doors. X-ray, PACS-station and a small changing room with curtains are part of the diagnostic area.

Optionally, a waiting area can be located in front of the container. All necessary installations, like a suitable generator and AC to keep the temperature at the right level are integrated in the container as well.

The Hospitainer X-ray unit is particularly interesting since the lead shielding is integrated in the container structure. The medical providers are thus always appropriately protected against harmful radiation. The integrated solution makes the X-ray easy to deploy in situations where the medical provider encounters difficulty with constructing high quality medical infrastructure or in situations where there is a sudden need for diagnostic services. The X-ray unit is rapidly deployable and can be installed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a bigger medical structure.

The X-ray unit is fitted with medical equipment for a complete medical solution. Our standard, fully digital, X-ray provides high quality images. This X-ray machine is a mobile system for flexible use. Static X-ray machines are also available upon request. The advised X-ray machine is selected due to its low energy consumption and low amount of concentrated radiation.

Furthermore the system is robust and easy to use. The Hospitainer X-ray Unit comes with protected gear for practitioners and patients and is fitted with a PACS radiology viewing station. We can also deliver specific X-ray modules, such as a mammography system, upon request.

Why a Hospitainer X-ray unit?

  • Complete medical solution: lead shielding integrated in the container structure

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