Hospitainer Surgical Hospital

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

General description
The standard Hospitainer Surgical Hospital consists of six 20ft shipping containers. The shipping containers are transformed into a medical facility with extreme robust characteristics. The standard configuration has an operation room (comprised of two 20ft containers), a pre- and post- OT room, sterilization unit, storage unit and staff unit. The units are connected through a bright central lobby.

The surgical Hospitainer is designed for both minor and major surgeries and can be deployed in post-disaster areas, (post-)conflict areas or function as a semi-permanent hospital. The mission-ready character of the hospital allows medical providers to rapidly upscale health infrastructure by strategically placing the hospitals.

The surgical Hospitainer can be composed following a LEGO-structure; different medical units can be linked in any possible configuration, depending on customer needs. The surgical Hospitainer does not depend on general electricity grids and has its own water purification system. This makes the hospital extremely suitable for areas where essential infrastructure is destroyed. The Hospitainer can be re-located or used on a permanent basis due to low cost components.

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the Hospitainer. The surgical Hospitainer is autonomous in water and energy management. The lobby floor, walls and roof are made of modular parts that are stored for transport in one of the containers.

lAll medical rooms are equipped with robust and simple to maintain equipment. Every container is equipped with insulated and easy to clean walls and medical floors. The equipment and configuration can be changed upon customer request. Additional modules, like X-ray , general treatment units and wards can be easily added into the structure due to the LEGO-like set up.

Why a Hospitainer Surgical Hospital?

  • LEGO-like structure: any configuration of medical units possible
  • Autonomous units can provide high quality health services despite destroyed infrastructure.
  • Rapid deployment of health facilities.

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