Hospitainer Mobile Obstetric Care Unit

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

 General description
The Hospitainer Mobile Obstetric Care Unit consists of a 40ft standard shipping container designed to facilitate health services for victims of sexual violence and advanced obstetric care. The shipping containers are transformed into a medical facility with extreme robust characteristics. The unit is fitted with an operation room, a recovery room and storage/sterilization room.

The obstetric care unit is placed on a trailer with trailer for maximum mobility. This Hospitrailer facilitates caesarean sections, surgical treatments of sepsis, laparotomies, fistula care and surgical repair of vaginal and cervical tears. Surgical operations to victims of gender-based violence can also be performed. Equipment and medicines for surgical procedures will be delivered as well.

A obstetric care Hospitrailer is a high quality medical product that allows the medical provider to perform obstetric care in disaster areas, conflict areas and hard to reach areas. The obstetric care Hospitrailer facilitates flexible and adequate health service provision in situations of abrupt need of health services, and in situations of fluctuating health care demand.

The major advantage of a mobile maternity is the flexibility of the health service to cover larger areas, for example travel on nomadic tribe migration routes, and the flexibility to quickly relocate the medical unit when demand is (geographically) shifting.

Due to the multifunctional use of the obstetric care Hospitrailer we hope that victims of gender-based violence are more inclined to seek medical care, since the care can be obtained in a ‘neutral’ environment, avoiding possible moral and cultural stigmatization.

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the Hospitrailer, like an internal water purification system, water storage and energy supply through a generator. The generator is connected and secured on the front of the trailer. The Hospitrailer is fitted with medical equipment and consumables for a complete medical solution. A general list of items is available, specific equipment or consumables can be arranged upon customers request.

Why a Hospitrailer Mobile Obstetric Care Unit?

  • Immediate high quality health care provision
  • Mobility of health services

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