Hospitainer Mobile Maternity Unit (BEmONC)

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

General Description
This Mobile Maternity Unit consists of a 20ft container designed to facilitate Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (BEmONC) and services for victims of gender-based violence. The 20ft shipping container is transformed into a medical facility with extremely robust characteristics.

The Mobile Maternity Unit consists of a waiting area, a treatment/delivery room, and a recovery area. It has a toilet, shower, and storage room, and comes fully packed with consumables, medicines, and equipment. The Hospitainer Mobile Maternity Unit is designed to facilitate medical procedures such as removal of the placenta, exploration of the uterus, reparation of perineal tears, vacuum extraction, forceps delivery, and partographic assessment of the labour progress. For the victims of gender-based violence, the Mobile Maternity Unit provides treatment for injuries and post-exposure prophylactic treatment for prevention of sexual transmittable infections.

The Mobile Maternity Unit is a Hospitainer Maternity Unit located on a trailer. The major advantage of a Mobile Maternity Unit is the flexibility to cover large areas, for example, travel on nomadic tribe migration routes, and the ability to relocate the medical unit when demand is (geographically) shifting. The Mobile Maternity Unit is ideal to be placed in refugee camps; when the refugees can return to their place of origin they might be accustomed to a certain level of health care provision.

The Mobile Maternity Unit can travel with the returnees to the post-conflict/post-disaster areas and provide immediate health services in areas where maternal health facilities are likely to be destroyed, looted, or poorly functioning.  The Mobile Maternity Unit is also particularly suited for community outreach programs such as STD awareness campaigns and STD testing campaigns where mobility of health infrastructure is desirable.

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the trailer of the Mobile Maternity Unit like an internal water purification system, water storage, and energy supply through a generator. The generator is connected and secured on the front of the trailer.

The Mobile Maternity Unit is fully packed with basic medicines such as antibiotics, ergometrine, oxytocin, and analgesics in the form of pre-packaged kits adapted to the medical use. Basic equipment and furniture such as a delivery bed, bassinet, manual vacuum extractor, doppler apparatus, sphygmomanometer, and resuscitators are also supplied. The configuration and content of the Mobile Maternity Unit can be changed upon request.

Why a mobile Hospitainer Mobile Maternity Unit (BEmONC)/

  • Mobility of healthcare
  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality

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