Hospitainer Mobile Diagnostic Unit

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

General description
The diagnostic unit supports general diagnostic services such as orthopedic diagnostics, TB screening and a wide range of lab tests. The patients enter the mobile diagnostic unit in the waiting area/small office that gives access to the X-ray room and the lab area. The X-ray room consists of a X-ray, PACS-station and a small changing room with curtains.

The Hospitrailer has integrated lead shielding in the walls and doors to protect health workers against harmful radiation. The X-ray room can also be used for other diagnostic test, for example taking blood samples. The lab area provides space for three diagnostic desks

The major advantage of a mobile diagnostic unit is the flexibility to cover large areas, for example travel on nomadic tribe migration routes, and the ability to move the medical unit when demand is (geographically) shifting. The integrated solution makes the diagnostic unit easy to deploy in situations where the medical provider desires to cover large areas and in situations where mobility of health services is desirable (through shifting demand).

The Hospitrailer Mobile Diagnostic Unit is fitted with equipment for a complete medical solution. Our standard fully digital X-ray provides high quality images. This X-ray machine is a mobile system for flexible use. Static X-ray machines are also available upon request. The advised X-ray machine is selected due to its low energy consumption and low amount of concentrated radiation. Furthermore the system is robust and easy to use.

The lab area is furnished with three working desks and equipped with centrifuge, blood analyzer, urine-analyzer, blood bank to support a wide range of lab tests. The Hospitrailer Mobile Diagnostic Unit comes with protective gear for practitioners and patients and is fitted with test kits and consumables. The standard configuration consists of a lab room and X-ray room, but alterations are possible upon request.

Why a Hospitainer Mobile Diagnostic Unit?

  • Mobility of a full range of diagnostic service
  • Complete medical solution: lead shielding integrated in the container structure

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