Hospitainer Maternity Unit (BEmONC)

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

General Description
The Hospitainer Maternity Unit (BEmONC) is a medical unit in a 20ft container that can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a bigger medical structure. The Maternity Unit is designed to facilitate Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (BEmONC) and services for victims of gender-based violence. The 20ft shipping container is transformed into a medical facility with extremely robust characteristics. The Maternity Unit consists of a waiting area, a treatment/delivery area, and a recovery area. The Maternity Unit has a toilet and shower and comes fully packed with consumables, medicines, and equipment.

The Maternity Unit is designed to facilitate essential obstetric care and health services to victims of sexual violence. The Maternity Unit facilitates medical procedures such as removal of the placenta, exploration of the uterus, reparation of perineal tears, vacuum extraction, forceps delivery, and partographic assessment of the labour progress.
For the victims of gender-based violence, the Maternity Unit provides treatment for injuries as well as post-exposure prophylactic treatment for the prevention of sexual transmittable infections. Due to the multifunctional use of the Maternity Unit, we hope that victims of sexual violence are more inclined to seek medical care since health services can be obtained in a ‘neutral’ environment avoiding possible moral and cultural stigmatization.

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the Maternity Unit, like an internal water purification system, water storage, and energy supply through a generator. The Hospitainer Maternity Unit is an autonomous unit that can be deployed independently of existing infrastructure.

The Maternity Unit is fully packed with basic medicines such as antibiotics, ergometrine, oxytocin, and analgesics in the form of pre-packaged kits adapted to medical use. Basic equipment and furniture such as a delivery bed, bassinet, manual vacuum extractor, doppler apparatus, sphygmomanometer, and resuscitators are also supplied. The configuration and content of the Maternity Unit can be changed upon request.

Why a Hospitainer Maternity Unit (BEmONC)?

  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality
  • Neutral, hygienic, and safe place for victims of sexual violence to access health services

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