Hospitainer CT Unit

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

General description
The CT unit supports general diagnostic services and is used to define normal and abnormal structures in the body that can help accurate health interventions. The Hospitainer CT Unit consists of two 20ft high cube containers providing space for the CT scan, a bed for the patient and a secured control area with a desk and PACS-station. The walls, doors and control area are lead shielded to protect health workers against harmful radiation. The Hospitainer CT Unit is designed as extension of an existing hospital structure or as part of a Hospitainer hospital.

The Hospitainer CT Unit is particularly interesting since the lead shielding is integrated in the container structure. The medical providers are thus always secured of appropriate protection against harmful radiation. The integrated solution makes the Hospitainer CT Unit easy to deploy in situations where the medical provider encounters difficulty with the construction of high quality medical infrastructure.

The CT unit is transportable into two 20ft high cube containers, this makes transportation to almost every area possible. The Hospitainer CT Unit is unique since the shipping package (the containers) are also the medical structure of the CT scan. This makes the CT unit rapidly deployable and ensures appropriate protection for the high quality medical equipment. The CT room is equipped with an advanced ventilation and air conditioning system. The lead shielded doors can either be sliding or rotating doors, depending on the medical structure the Hospitainer CT Unit will be attached to.

Why a Hospitainer CT Unit?

  • Complete medical solution: lead shielding integrated in the container structure
  • A rapid deployable, high quality medical product

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