Covid-19 Mobile Treatment Facility (MTF)

Reusable Maximum Flexibility

Hospitainer Covid-19 Mobile Treatment Facility (MTF)
Key elements:

  • Hospitainer Covid-19 MFT can be used as extension of existing Hospitals or can function as an off-grid, stand-alone hospital – also in remote areas
  • Patients are held in inflatable tents with ante rooms
  • Triage area, nurse post and staff room included in the design
  • Three type of wards:
    • IC Unit
    • Medium Care Unit
    • Low Care Unit
    • Negative pressure in the wards; corridors function as ante rooms (airlocks)
    • Relevant medical equipment provided per ward type:
      • For IC Unit: patient ventilators with O2 supply; Patient monitoring system; Defibrillator; Infusion stands; Syringe perfusor pumps; Volumetric IV pumps and Aspirating pumps, etc
      • For the Medium- and Low Care Unit: Vital signs monitors; Infrared thermometers; ECG; Examination table; Trolleys etc
      • HVAC system integrated
      • Water system with fresh- and wastewater bladders, HospiToilets, HospiSinks, HospiPump and filters included
      • Off-grid electricity solution (primary and back-up generator) providing electricity for the MTF

The Hospitainer Covid-19 MTFs come in various sizes and can be combined, for example:

  • 24 bed: 2 ICU, 4 Medium Care, 14 Low Care
  • 68 bed: 6 ICU, 6 Medium care, 56 Low Care
  • 112 bed: 6 ICU, 16 Medium care, 90 Low Care

RT-PCR Lab with consumables in Container or tent is optional and can be added according to the local needs. The Covid-19 MFTs can be upgraded to a General Mobile Hospital including OR, X-Ray, CSSC etc. in a later stage.
12 Covid-19 MFFs have been delivered worldwide over in the first two quarters of 2020