50 Bed Mobile Hospital – field hospital

In Stock Reusable Maximum Flexibility

The 50 bed mobile hospital is based upon three trucks and trailers. The trailers combined with inflatable tents and can be rapidly deployed. The complete setup is self supporting. Diesel generators, water storage and filtration and air conditioning is included.

The medical trailer, also called Hospitrailer, includes a completely equipped operation room, X-ray room and a sterilization area. For the OT we include 3 step filtering with Hepa filter, overpressure also a 800 litre fresh water tank and a 800 litre wastewater tank. The water is filtered in 2 steps. The unit is self-supporting using a generator and can be levelled using the 4 supporting legs. The patient can enter the Hospitrailer by using the stairs at the side or the patient lift at the back.

The hospitrailer is linked through a sluice to the inflatable tents. The tent offer services like opd/registration, triage/emergency room, pharmacy, lab, sterilization and wards.

A self supporting filed kitchen trailer is supplied to arrange up to 250 menu’s.